I have entered a 6 HP state of Turmoil.
"Kenny, it's Brian."
Brian never calls me Kenny, it's always "Mr. Towne".
I figured this must be good.
"20 miles down the road from you is an
unusual engine you need to take a look at."

And so it started. Turns out there is a 6 HP Thermoil for sale in Dunkirk.  It's in good condition but doesn't have the original paint. Brian explains the whole thing to me.  The Thermoil is a self-igniting high compression ignition engine similar to a diesel but uses a different method for getting fuel into the right place at the right time.  Built by Hercules and sold by Sears they nearly ran both companies into financial ruin.
So tag along and I'll tell the story of the Thermoil and how this one came to be in my garage.

Holy Cow, this thing is huge!
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