The St. Mary's Oil Engine
1,050 lbs. of cast iron muscle.
If you ever wonder how these little forays get started, I'll tell you:
A phone call to Brian.  I had seen the engine advertised on Harry's page and thought a little about it a bit didn't really consider it much.  I was yapping with Brian a couple days later and mentioned it and his ears perked up a little.  He asked where I saw it and he pulled it up on the web while we were talking. It turned out that it would be a nice addition to a Hvid collection. How convenient that I'm pretty interested in those... A couple phone calls and a few emails later and the second Hvid had joined my collection.
This is it: 1,050 lbs. of ferrous metal ferocity. Located in Maryland, wonder how I got it home?   Road Trip!  Except it was to
Rough & Tumble for the 56th Reunion.
Lots of things to do before then!
C'mon, lets go get the damn thing...
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