4,300 lbs of iron - 1,500 lbs of trailer.
It's that time of the year, time to return the Heavy Metal to where it started for me:
The 57th Annual Thresherman's Reunion at the Rough & Tumble grounds in Kinzer, PA.
I had so much fun last year that I could hardly wait to return. This year I was bringing some serious iron with me, I've gone Hvid! So I loaded up nearly 6,000 lbs. gross behind a new Toyota Tacoma and headed east.
Work to do for the new truck.
Here's the whole rig ready to go.  It was quite a circus getting it loaded and balanced right.  There was a lot of cussin' and fussin' for a few days while I got stuff straight.  But at last it was tied down and ready to roll.  In a roundabout way I ended up in Kinzer 5 days and some 1100 miles and later.
Let's go to the show!
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