55th Annual
Thresherman's Reunion
August 14th - 15th, 2003
Kinzer, PA
Coal fired traction engines.
A good friend had been telling me for a few years about the fun at Kinzer during the reunion.  I often tried to schedule things so I could be there but it never seemed to work out.  Finally, this summer everything fell into place during my annual trek to northern NY for vacation. I was at the reunion on Friday and Saturday and really didn't want to leave when the time came Saturday afternoon.  It's a wonderful place to "re-fire" a middle-aged motorhead.
How can you not love this place!
Bill's portable engine. I wandered about for a short bit before I found Brian and Bill Hazzard starting up a large engine in preparation for some threshing in the afternoon.  Just so you know, Brian is the one with the obnoxious beard.  He says he'll keep it until people stop complaining about it.  Upon reviewing these pictures, I have discovered that they are all very clever in a subtle sort of way. They have all managed to stay out of the picture if they knew I was shooting.  I think they're a little camera shy.  Fat chance of that!  Brian is totally out the picture here, that's Bill's arm on the left and Jared is behind the exhaust.
Brian wheels over the GP
After that, Brian and I toured the grounds on his 1931 John Deere GP.  It's in its original condition just as it left the barn.  The ride is a little rough on the steel wheels but the sound makes up for all that.   There is no starter on this iron beast, you have to spin the flywheel to get it going.  If you are patient or have a quick connection, watch the movie of the GP idling.
great, I ran out of gas, and you have to take a picture.
 While returning to park it, we ran out of gas.  In this picture, Brian is giving me the evil eye as he knows the incident has been captured for posterity and he'll probably have to take some heat later on.  This was all within about 2 hours of arriving, there is lots more yet to come!  Follow the two tractor link below.
What do you mean you have TWO tractors?
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