One of a kind Economy
Before George Barris built the Batmobile or the Monkeymobile or the Munster family car,
he was a research engineer for Sears & Roebuck. Sears knew they needed to appeal to the younger boys on the farm to secure future growth. They employed George to rework the stodgy old Economy design into a more youthful offering.  The result was the Barris-Economy, a visually appealing, aurally stunning work of art in the cast iron medium.
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Using some clever water baffle design and cam driven delayed valves, Barris was able to masterfully duplicate the sound of the then popular Ford 221 flathead V-8 with futuristic Zoom tubes.  The unusual exhaust design made it difficult to start and prone to leaking water into the head dooming it to a single prototype test unit. The engine was discovered in a northern Michigan barn where it had spent that past fifty years pumping hog slurry.  Lovingly restored to its original glory, the Barris-Economy makes one appearance a year at the Rough & Tumble Thresherman's Reunion each August.
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