Lots of work has transpired since I last updated the Jäegermonster's page.  I received an armload of parts from Hit 'N Miss, and I had a local guy,
Mike Cummins, bore and sleeve the cylinder for me.  I know this seems like a lot of work for a fairly common engine but if it's going to hang in MY garage, it has to run right.  I'm not a historical purist, I'm an engineer, and if it doesn't work right, it sucks. Let's take a look at what's been going on.
Fresh baby blue paint.
Here's the little monster with fresh paint.  I had a local shop sand blast and prime the whole thing.  I don't have facilities for spray painting so all my artwork comes out of a can. I just wish it didn't take forever to dry!
No more dirty fuel problems.
This is the new fuel tank from hit and miss.  I brewed up a couple nice straps with rubber glued on so the vibration wouldn't wear a hole in it.  Nice primed underbody too.
Now I'm getting somewhere.
Here it is mounted on a cart so I can get it around.  The piston is in, the new mag bracket is on and the push rod is mounted.  Now I'm starting to make some progress.  There are more freshly painted parts in the oven curing so the next photos will show some progress.  I wish I had a a picture of the cylinder so I could show off Mike's work.  He did a very nice job and it's a shame to cover it all up.
Won't be long before the litle monster is ready to fire up!
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