Being known for having the patience of a three-year old, I immediately tore the engine apart in preparation for...well, in preparation for something.
Parts is Parts. The Naked Block.
As usual tearing things apart is easy and within an hour or so I have it completely stripped.  That's when I got a good look at the cylinder.
A little rough. Nice Pits.
Things were a little ugly in there.  My engine mentor, Brian, thinks this is likely caused by the dreaded mouse piss which apparently one of the most corrosive fluids known to Mann.  They probably crawled in through a missing spark plug and found a rather comfortable home.  I figured this would need to be sleeved to be rescued.
Pretty darn good shape here.
The piston was a bright spot in the evening. Although not new, it was round, on spec. and had new rings in very good grooves.  At least something inside there was in good shape.
So now that it's all apart, I began searching the web for replacement parts as needed.  And it needed a few for sure.
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Oh boy, off to spend money!
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