We've already met the Jäegermonster when it came home in August 2003.  However, since its arrival it has defied my best efforts to start it.  I've straightened out errant timing (firing at BDC just isn't going to work!), unplugged a clogged fuel line and reworked the push rod roller cam.  It still refused to start.  Even with a healthy dose of ether, all I could get was a very anemic puff.  So I started getting into the ignition.  The mag went out to Mark's Magneto in CT for rebuild.  It came back very quickly and with a good hot spark to boot. Still no start.  Now I'm annoyed.  This is when things start coming apart...literally.
The last time it will look like this.
Well, I have ten square feet of clean garage, might as well fill it up with a project. Here's the Jäegermonster up on the lift in preparation for surgery.  The table sure makes working on the engine more comfortable, especially when the floor is cold.  
The patient awaits herr Doktorr.
It's in fair shape cosmetically and was supposed to be something to run and tinker with while working on the Waterloo. 
Fat Chance.
Aside from the mag needing help, the mag bracket is a new casting done entirely in brass. It fit properly but needed a little help to restore the functionality.  No problem, I can fix that. But the other thing that has become very apparent is almost no compression.
So tag along while I try to sort this one out.  I'll take more pictures of the process so you can get the full comic effect.  Ugh, how do I get myself into these things?
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Come along Percy whilst I dismember the carcass.
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