Some heavy metal hitch-hikes home on my trailer.
All by it's lonesome waiting for someone to take it home.
With a bad case of cabin fever, I headed for an auction at the farm of the late Josiah Zehring near Kokomo, IN on 2-14-03.  There were a few hit 'n miss engines there and I thought I'd check it out.  Among others was this tiny little
1 ½ hp. Hercules.  I looked it over and couldn't find anything wrong with it.  No cracks, welds or missing parts.   The piston was free but it turned pretty hard. A nice old Webster Tri-Polar was providing the spark.  Almost four hours later the auctioneer said "SOLD!" and I had adopted my third engine.
So I loaded it up on the trailer along with a nice original cast iron Galloway cart and headed home a little lighter in the wallet.  I was pretty beat when I got home so I unloaded it and took a nap.  I spent the next day cleaning the grease cups and putting in fresh grease.  That helped loosen it up some but it was still a little stiff.  I tested the tri-polar and got an OK spark but nothing special.  A little sewing machine oil on the moving parts helped out some and the spark improved. So I filed the ignitor points flat and then I got a whopping blue spark.  Good to go there.  While the ignitor hole was open I spun the engine around for a while to loosen it up.  I filled the oiler, opened it up and things were getting pretty easy now.  A little more work on the fuel system and she was ready to go. With the ignitor back in place I wheeled it over and the compression is so good it rocks back and forth off top dead center!  I got a couple wheezy puffs out of it but not quite ready to run.

The next night was the charm.  I finally got it to stay running long enough to make find the proper carb set-up which I promptly jotted down for posterity.  I ran it for over an hour and even belted it up to a couple of my pump jacks just to see how they worked.  It ran like a top the whole time. 
 I thought I might have paid a little much for it but after hearing it run for what is likely the first time in years, who cares?  It's a big file but take a look at it running.

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