This is a relatively new thing for me as a hobby, but a fascination with things mechanical is a long-time problem.  If it moves, I'm interested!  The links below are a summary of what I've been doing in this area lately.  My garage will never be the same.
Blame it on Brian
1919 Hercules 1 ½ HP, a diamond in the rough.
Where it all began:  Rough & Tumble
55th Annual Thresherman's Reunion August 14, 2003
The Big Red One: 6 HP Thermoil
The Foos Fandango
1911 Waterloo Boy 1 ½ HP Overhaul, My First One!
Who needs a spark? The Hvid Engines
Aermotor Pump Jack Clean-Up
1,000 lbs. to make 4 hp: St. Mary's Oil Engine
F-M at work in a Kansas oil field
Last of a breed: The "Turmette"
1925 Jaeger 2 HP, The Annoyed Overhaul.
"Gopher": The 8 HP Thermoil
57th Annual Thresherman's Reunion August 17, 2005
Miscellaneous Pictures
While I did do the artwork for the Heavy Metal title, I can't claim responsibility for the idea. It originally appeared in the early 1980's in an animated film.
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