Well, finally I got it home and it just sat for several months.  I was on the road quite a bit and just didn't have the time.  I bought a buzzcoil on ebay and hooked it up.  I had no idea how a buzz coil was suposed to work but finally managed to get it to spark at the appropriate time. At least now I knew I could make it go. Eventually, I got around to taking some parts off and looking things over more seriously.  I brazed a repair onto the cam gear bracket as it had a serious crack and needed to be sleeved to take up the slop in the shaft.  It also required some work on one of the bearing caps to fix the hinge mount for the oil cover. Phil Goetz fabricated a new crank gear for me as the original one had long since been broken and repaired with a pipe collar!  I wish I had taken more pictures of all the fiddling around but I just plain forgot.
A little rough here.
Here is the one shot of the repair work.  You can see where I brazed the one piece. The other one I am especially proud of: it's a JB Weld casting made in place and drilled out to match the opposite side!
The needle valve in the mixer was badly eaten out at the tip and I had little faith that it would be able to control with any consistency.  So I needed a new one but nobody sells Foos parts. My answer, invent one.  What you see here used to be a 5/16" bolt.  First I ran a tap down it to increase the thread length.  Then I cut the head off and chucked it in the drill press and held a file against it to remove the threads and form the point.  All it needed then was a small hole to pin it to the knob from the original, and voilá, one new needle valve.
A little ingenuity here...
Finally, some progress.
Even the cart turned out to be a pain in the neck!  This is the one I bought at auction in February.  There is nothing wrong with the cart except that the runners were too wide and the flywheels wouldn't fit.  So I made new runners and was barely able to get them mounted on the cart.  But at long last, the engine has a home and it's starting to look right.  The parts are all set, I just need to assemble them.
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