The Foos started as kind of a lark.  It started out on Harry's SmokStak page.  Somebody had a 1 ½ Type J Foos they wanted to sell.  After watching the ad for about a month I bit and ended up buying an engine 700 miles away in Florida.  Many e-mails and a few phone calls later the arrangements were made and I planned a run to the Florida Panhandle.  It would be a quick trip as it was to be in between business trips.  I conned Erik into riding shotgun for a three-day run down and back.
The Kid on the white sands of Pensacola beach. El Porko on the pier.
Can't go all the way to beach without sticking your toes in the water.  So we did the beach routine complete with a stop in a souvenir shack and wandered out on the pier to watch some people surfing. The weather was a little chilly but it was still a nice change from the cornfields.
I don't have any pictures of the engine at pick up or the journey back so you'll have to put up with a scenic shot from the beach.
Sunset in Pensacola.
Our route was I-65, the "Cracker Barrel Corridor".  There were also some interesting sights along the way.  We saw this fine establishement just north of the Alabammy state line in Tennessee.  I can't vouch for the service, we decided to pass on a visit.
A fine eating and dining establishment.
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