Just What I Need:
One more hobby!
"Blame it on Brian."
I like that, it has a nice ring to it and provides an all-encompassing description of the problem.
The picture above was taken 8/21/03 after I spent an hour and a half unloading my two "new" hit and miss engines out of my truck. It was a typical Indiana day with temperatures in the low 90's and humidity to match. Dripping with sweat is a natural reaction to the ridiculous summer climate. The engine on the right is a 1-½ hp Waterloo Boy most likely built in January, 1911. The left one is a 2 hp Jaeger
built October 15, 1925. I purchased the Waterloo with a bunch of help from Brian at the "Rough & Tumble" Thresherman's reunion in Kinzer, PA. I decided that it would need some company so on the way home to IN, I stopped at Ed Deis' Hit 'N Miss Enterprises in Ohio and bought the Jaeger.
As I restore these, I'll add more pages. Check back once in a while to see what's new.
Thanks Brian, one more hobby to contend with!
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