Aermotor Pump Jack
I picked this up at the Portland, IN show in August 2003.  It was in pretty good shape and made an easy clean and paint.   There are some seriously heavy welds which I'm guessing were an attempt to beef up a weak point .  It's amazing how something that is kept oiled will keep over time. All the bolts were easily removed without any real effort. The gears and rods were absolutely amazing.  After cleaning the interior at the local carwash, I removed any crud remaining in the gear teeth. After I reassembled it and added some oil, it will actually freewheel to the low point on the gear/rod connection. This was easy and a lot of fun, a good one to start with.  Later, I'll figure out how to run something with it using one of the engines.
I can't claim to be an expert but I believe these were used to automate (The correct term for the period would be mechanize!) a hand operated pump. It converts rotary motion into vertical linear motion to operate the pump.  I didn't have any clues what the original color may have been so I used a black hammered finish from Rustoleum. It looks nice without being gaudy. This one has what appears to be a mount for an electric motor on the back of it.
A couple shots here of the the gearbox (left) and the rod / slide assembly (right).  I am really pleased with how well this cleaned up. The mechanical ingenuity is impressive.  The circular rings pointed out are oil carriers. Once per cycle they drag along the large gear and scavenge some of the oil with hasn't run off the teeth. This brief contact also rotates the ring and carries a small amount of oil upward and onto the shaft of the slide assembly.  The oil will build up up and eventually drip off, but not back to the sump yet!  It's caught by a little casting ear which directs it down a passage and onto the vertical slide shafts.  It's pretty slick if you ask me. The video below is big but if you have time, watch it run!
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