A sunny day and one best spent in the driveway...working on Gopher.  Today I removed the bearing covers on the mains and the rod bearing.  It was nice to find that the grease was still soft and the bearings in good condition.
Peach Beast
Things look good here.  It took a little effort to get some of the nut off but after removal and cleaning, they went back together easily. I spent a couple hours cleaning up the area under the the cam and cleaning the oil ports to insure good lubrication when it gets going.
Is it time to go home yet?
Well, it's not original paint.  I can't figure out what is wrong with it beyond it being heavily faded and chalking badly.   Paint splatter on the cam gear where it doesn't belong is a giveaway. It does look better with a little oil rubbed in. More of a burnt orange now.
So begins the road to a start-up.  I fiddled around on the front end some as well making sure that sticky parts on the governor assembly move freely so that there won't be any possibility of a runaway.  Not much there to do but enough to require some attention.
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