Testing the Track
US Grand Prix Circuit Indianapolis, IN
One of my cohorts, Erik the Bold, gets a block of tickets every year for the USGP at Indy. As part of the package, they send along a ticket for a run around the circuit a couple months before the race. So on a fine Sunday afternoon in June, he and I drove down to test the pavement. You're limited to about 30 mph so helmets aren't necessary. Wait 'til next year....
Headed for the infield and the track.
There's always several nice cars at the track. Some are there for the tour, others just for show.
Cool Picture Here!
A fat-tired BMW M3
Ferrari 512i BB
It wasn't long before Erik really aired out his VW Golf VR 6 on the track. We topped out at just over 30 mph!
Cranking it up for the run down the straight.
Grabbing gears and on the brakes hard as we hit the shutdown markers for turn one at nearly 32 mph.
Erik is really working the car hard in this sequence as we hit the S curves at almost 25 mph. That fresh Bridgestone rubber made all the difference as several cars behind couldn't keep up the feverish pace and spun onto the grass. All those hours of watching Formula One on the TV really pay off here. Notice how well he works the curbs.
Check back in late September after the race has been run for more pictures and insightful commentary.
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