There was only one like this.
The Beast from the east.
1971 Chevrolet Impala.  Off the assembly line in Tarrytown, NY May 28, 1971 with a 245 hp Canandian-built 350. With only a mere 2 barrel carb this beast was capable of just over 130 mph! Built when gas was cheap and speed limits were 65 mph or better, it rode best at 70 mph knocking down almost 17 mpg.  Not bad for a vehicle weighing over 4800 lbs.   This thing went anywhere as is evident in this picture. Taken on Mt. Hood in Oregon Christmas Day 1988 while raising hell in a parking lot.  The snow tires on the rear were serious stuff: Goodyear F-32's. Over $100 apiece back then it was the best radial snowtire you could get. The state cops in OR used them on their newer Caprices. I was the second owner having bought it in 1984 with only 19,000 miles on it.   When I sold it in 1994 it had over 167,00 miles on it and would still run hard.  I saw it a year or so ago, it's still running but is not quite as spiffy in a coat of primer gray.
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