The Fastimes Track is an indoor facility billed as the only two-level track in the Midwest.  It's a tight track but if you want to be fast, nearly half must be run at full throttle.  The karts are fast at over 40 mph and hang on well but you can spin them out, smack the walls and T-bone your opponent.  Pictures of the race are difficult but there was no shortage of humor in the pits!
Bernd storing up a little elfen magic. The Gruesome Twosome.
No one was aware of Bernd's elfen background
If John knew what he was in for, he wouldn't be smiling either!
Brad & Joe: Ready to Roll. Ken telling John "It's OK to open your eyes when you're driving.
Brad and Joe: Ready to Roll!
Ken about to give John sound advice:
"Open your eyes when you drive."
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