See what the bastard gets to drive!
Every dog has his day.

The bastard.

I have a friend, Steve who has recently attained a full membership in the
Pompous Society of Arrogant Bastards.  The Bastards even have their own beer:
Arrogant Bastard Ale (really!). The other day, the bastard calls me asks me if I know what a Euclid is.  Well of course I do, any man worth his snot should know what a Euclid is. Euclid was one of the first companies to manufacture purpose built heavy-haul dump trucks for quarry use. Over time they became seriously huge pieces of equipment.  I made sure to further impress Steve by pointing out that Euclids were the classics and their siblings, Terex came later in the game.  I had a feeling he was about to be play his trump card so I wanted to get my licks in early.  Steve pipes up and says; "I got to drive one today!" That's when I informed him of his promotion to full bastard status.  He was compacting an earthen dam for a friend in Central Oregon.  Steve got to drive the truck while he did some other stuff.  Following are some pictures of the bastard driving the damned truck.
Arrogant Bastard in "The Truck"
In order to provide documentation of this feat and thereby confirm his new status as a "Complete Bastard", Steve has provided us with this photo of him in the drivers seat.  I would almost say he was faking it but the presence of the ear muffs for hearing protection validate his claim.
"The Truck"
A most appropriate shot of the bastard's chariot under a foreboding Oregon sky.
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