The week started well enough, the 2nd annual pre-GP boat trip, some kart racing at Fastimes in Indy and three great days of warm-up and qualifying.  Then came race day and it went right in the toilet.
Ummmm...yes, he's had a few brewskis, and a little sun to boot.  Day 1 on station on the north side of Navy Pier, our favorite place.
And a little boatnerding as well.  Here's a shot of the Buffalo backing (yes, backing) up the Calumet River toward the KCBX Coal docks.
Through the 106th St. Drawbridge and up against the dock. If you enlarge the picture (click on it) you'll notice a little wake from the bow thruster.  This is a very impressive job!
A chance to capture a rare meet just off the USS Gary Works.  Here the loaded Arthur Anderson passes the outbound Roger Blough headed for a reload.  If you're interested, check here for the other pages on these beautiful ships.
Can't stay on the boat forever though, race festivities are upon us.  Let's head for Indy and the Pit Walkabout!
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