Indy does some things very right to encourage F1 gowth in the U.S. Americans are not content to have their sports heroes remain aloof. Be it baseball, NAPCAR or the mythical champions of the former Indy 500 they have always been accessible (for the most part) to fans. The USGP organizers recognized this and set up the pit walk-about on the Thursday of race week. This gives fans coming to Indy a look into the pit areas and a chance for driver contact that is the only day of its kind in F1. Now if they can only find an American driver or team!
And here is unquestionably the best job for race weekend: Scrutineer. All these guys do is walk around and...well...scrutinize things.
What a life: "Hey, nice car ya got much racing with this here thing?"
The Minardi pit. Pretty relaxed here as they don't expect to be competitive but they do want to finish. This is the garage for Zsolt Baumgartner, the only Hungarian driver. He scored his only point of the season in Indy. It was well deserved, after all he signed my T-shirt today!
From worst to first, here's the Ferrari pit. Always too darn many people so we usually just walk by and hold the camera up so we can say we took a picture. They love the red cars at Indy
Jordan is tinkering a little. They don't do too much during the walkabout, just little stuff getting ready for tomorrow and provide something for the fans to watch.
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