Race week is rapidly developing some fine traditions worthy of the whole F1 spectacle. First off is the stress relief period. This gives Eri(k) a chance to wind down and make the rest of us more tolerable to him. The boat provides a perfect setting. We wandered about Chicago and hung around the anchorage on the northside of Navy Pier. A run up to Milwaukee for a baseball game topped off four good days of waterborne fun.
First things first...go find a laker. The Gott was unloading at USS in Gary so we motored up the slip to check it out. There were some nice pictures there. Then it was over to Michigan City for lunch.
Here is my crew for the excursion: Kevin on the left and Eri(k). We managed to get along for the four days without forcing anyone to walk the plank.
Kevin decided it was absolutely necessary to take a swim...so he did. It was a little colder than he expected.
And here is Milwaukee Harbor the third morning. There was a tall ship coming in as well. The only problem was that the harbor was still a little brown from heavy storm run-off a month before. But it's Wednesday and time to head home. The pit walk-about is tomorrow morning and we'd like to get some autographs.
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