Miscellaneous Pictures
I'll warn you ahead of time, these picture files are bigger than the others typical of the site.  I didn't want to lose anything out of these.  They are not digital images, they're good old fashioned AgNO3 and celluloid.  Yes, it is still my preferred medium. 
We walked around a lot over the four days and took a bunch of pictures.  I shot twenty rolls total.  As is normal, many of them are nice but rather ho-hum. We did find a slot in the fence to shoot through and these are some of the results.  I'll scan more soon.
Rubens rolls through.
Rubens Barrichello hauls his Ferrari through Turn 10 and an appropriate background
Coulthard putting down some rubber.
David Coulthard and his McLaren are all over this one.  Those trails of rubber are his.
Mystery Jordan.
Can't identify who's driving this Jordan.  Any help guys?
And who for Sauber?
Both of the Sauber cars scored points on race day. They were especially pleased with themselves.
Raikkonen using the whole corner.
Kimi needs a nickname.  Something worthy of his talent, not some cheesy USA Today tag.
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