September 28, 2003
Never, ever pass up an opportunity to see an Formula One race in person.  Ignore all the commentary about seeing more of the race on TV, brush off the crowds and the traffic.  I have seen the "Real" Indy, CART, SCCA, NHRA, AMA and many other forms of racing. Nothing can compare with the sheer magnificence of these machines in full stride.  The noise is deafening, the agility astounding and the speed beyond belief.  In a time where "parity" is ruining motorsports, it is truly refreshing to see there is still one last place where you can go as fast as you can afford.  Long live F1!
Laying down some rubber for the warm up lap.
Erik called one day and said he might have an extra ticket for the F1 race at Indy in September, was I interested?  You bet!  So I spent the next several months itching like a little kid waiting for race day.  It turned out to be a four day event so I would get my fill for sure.  In July, we got to tour the circuit in Erik's Golf VR-6.  This really helped generate some excitement.  Finally, the day arrived.  Erik and I took Thursday and Friday off so we wouldn't miss a thing. Over the next two days we would gather up a long time friend of Erik's from Denver and his brother-in-law from Albuquerque.  Together this multi-cultural assembly would enjoy some Tom-foolery and take in as much racing as we could get.  Tag along as we hit the track Thursday morning for a rare walkabout through the garage area.
David's trusty steed. Kimi's McLaren
When we arrived, the Ferrari pit was a zoo and the doors weren't even open!  So we walked further down to the McLaren garage and found the rides for David Coulthard (left) and Kimi Räikkönen (right).  They are amazing pieces of technology. Click on the images to enlarge them.
This was definitely a goof-off day for the crews.  There was some aimless milling about going on in the garage but not much else.  Ferrari showed they had a sense of humor by opening the doors just a little and then closing them a couple times before opeing for business. Everytime the door moved, there was a big roar from the fans there.  Here, a couple Jaguar mechanics tinker with the car.  Notice that the garages are spotless. Mine should be so clean!
Oh, there's a bunch more to come!
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