It's a damned expensive hotel... I'm spending the night!
Once we tied up, I thought it would be nice to spend the night at the dock. We had the full canvas on so at least I could keep the rain out.  It was going be a cold, windy night and I was about to find out if the systems all worked correctly.
Not a bad place to hang out.
A fine dessert to follow a well prepared sub.
I had planned ahead and bought a sleeping bag as there wasn't any bedding on the boat yet.  I bought a sub and cookies onboard for dinner and I was set.  The shore power was already attached so I cranked up the heat to see if I could warm up the cabin on this 400F night.  So far, so good.
The night went well.  The bed was comfortable and the cabin quiet.  The heat worked like a champ, at 2 am I had to get up and turn the thermostat down before it ran me out! All in all it was very pleasant.  I'm looking forward to many more quiet nights onboard!
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