Is it spring yet?
Finally the paperwork was finished and the ice disappeared.  The time had arrived to get the boat in the water.
The grand unveiling.
First things first.
We removed the cocoon and got the canvas on.  I spent some time in the bilge putting together a shopping list of things to do.  Mike and Marcy took an inventory of the safety equipment and any other topside items we would need to be legal.
One BIG forklift!
When we were ready the Marina wheeled this giant Taylor forklift over and just picked up our boat.  They drove it over to the waters edge...
It just seems a little incongrous.
...checked the bilge for any remaining water...
I was ready to go from here...
and lowered it into the water.  I wanted to launch from here and make a James Bond style entry but nobody was very keen on that.
Unscrew the gas cap and pour in money
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